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Terrorist Attacks In Belgium

Albertans by now have heard of the terrible, coordinated, and murderous terrorist attacks in Belgium. I know that we are all outraged by such a vicious and cowardly act against unarmed civilians. It isn’t a time to be afraid. Fear won’t help us at all. Reason will. We must use our powers of reason to…

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Alberta Energy Industry

The Alberta energy industry has the most stringent environment laws in the world. We are world leaders in the safety and protection of the environment. But it is both environmentally and economically prudent to diversify our energy sector with green energy. The solution isn’t to sabotage our existing industry. This will not accomplish any green…

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Alberta Needs Real Democracy

Alberta needs real democracy. Democracy means the people have the power, not the government. That isn’t how it is in Alberta now. Right now we elect representatives who are then able to act with impunity for the next 4 years. That isn’t democracy. That is electing 4 year termed dictators. Electing representatives is a good…

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