Terrorist Attacks In Belgium

Albertans by now have heard of the terrible, coordinated, and murderous terrorist attacks in Belgium. I know that we are all outraged by such a vicious and cowardly act against unarmed civilians.

It isn’t a time to be afraid. Fear won’t help us at all. Reason will. We must use our powers of reason to see what we can do to ensure both our safety, and our continuing freedoms. These two considerations are not at odds. We can have both, and we should choose to have both.

We need to have a strong stance against terrorism, and intelligent and effective methods to combat this threat, to which we are not immune.

This is a horrible event. Think of your own loved ones, and cherish them. Think of strangers that you will never meet, but need your help. Think about their loved ones as well.

All over the world, there are attacks by Islamist supremacists against unarmed people who pose no threat to anyone.

We need to support every free nation against this world wide threat. If we ignore it, or if we fail to unite against it, one by one each of these democracies will fall to tyrannies.

We need a policy that protects us and defends – not removes – our freedoms.

I know the thoughts, condolences, and hopes of Albertans are with the people of Belgium now.