What we believe


We believe in having a government that is locally sensitive to the people living in the immediate area.

Albertans should have complete democratic control over the laws and policies that govern them. The people must not be controlled by the government – the people must control and be the government.


We want to do this with the following

  • We will give Albertans the power of petition so that any citizen can present any motion to the Governing House if 1% or more of the eligible voters sign a petition to have that motion read. The members of the House must then read, debate, consider, and vote on the motion.
  • We will give Albertans the Power of Referendum. Any motion or law that is voted in favour or against by the majority of the Representatives of the House can be forced to a referendum by the citizenry. If 3% of the eligible voters sign a petition demanding that the motion be put to a referendum, the motion will then be voted on directly by the people, not the representatives.
  • We will give Albertans the power of recall. Any representatives riding which the constituents feel no longer represents them can be forced to a by-election if 25% of the eligible voters in that riding sign a petition in favour of a by-election. That representative can run again in the riding. The citizens will then decide who is the best representative for that riding.
  • Albertans should decide in a referendum if they want to continue to allow Ottawa to wield supreme executive authority in its control over Albertans– or if Alberta should become a sovereign state and control all taxation, finance, immigration, trade agreements, monetary policy, military, diplomatic relations, etc of Alberta by becoming a 100% autonomous and sovereign power – either within Canada or as a separate nation.

Protection for the sanctity and safety of human life, property, and security of the person and their fundamental freedoms.

  • Freedoms of speech, thought, belief, expression, assembly are absolutely vital to the well being of all members of society and our democracy.
  • In Canada there has been a troubling increase in prosecution of citizens for nothing more than speaking or writing. Alberta must re-affirm its complete and total commitment to these fundamental freedoms.
  • Citizens must not have their real estate property rights infringed except where there is a great need that sufficiently benefits all Albertans – and then they must be adequately and reasonably compensated with a fair market value for any lose incurred.
We are against deficits and debt. It is a very poor policy to defer the costs of government programs to the future and to our children. Such an attitude leads to the consistent abuse by government, and an ever increasing debt. While this provides some immediate benefit in services, it cripples the finances in the future where the government is unable to do all of: providing good public services to citizens, paying the interest on the debt, and reducing the debt. We need to live within our means, and provide the best we can afford with good, cost-effective, and efficient government and government services.

All K-12 Education shall be funded by the government based on the number of students attending

Currently, Alberta sends $50 Billion to Ottawa each year. Ottawa only sends just over $20 Billion back into the Alberta economy by means of CPP payments, Health funds transfers, military bases, federal employee wages, etc.

This marks a $30 Billion loss to the Alberta economy.

If Alberta were to become a sovereign power, we would stop sending that $50 Billion to Ottawa. All federal services of the government that are currently outside of Alberta, and are needed by Albertans, would be replaced by an Albertan service. The funds spent on that service would therefore stay in the Alberta economy rather than leaving to Ottawa.

We would also have a significant amount of savings for services that are funded by Albertans, but are only used to benefit non-Albertans.

The savings from that can be used towards Alberta instead. As a result, we could accomplish ALL of the following if we became a sovereign power:

  • An immediate tax reduction of 2% for all tax brackets. We can do this without reducing any government social program that benefits Albertans. This will lower the tax burden of lower income Albertans. It will also bring Alberta to be the lowest taxed nation in North America. That will attract entrepreneurs, foreign investment, highly skilled and high earning immigration. This will increase our overall GDP and our overall government revenue – allowing the government to increase the quantity and quality of government services for all Albertans.
  • Alberta should be able to systematically decrease taxes to continue the above benefits without reducing government social programs benefiting Albertans.
  • Government grants to reimburse University and Trade school tuitions based on student grades and completion of the program. This isn’t ‘Free Education’ but rewarding excellence of post-secondary students who complete their courses with a reimbursement of from 10%-100% depending on their performance in their school career.
  • Include dental, pharmaceuticals, increased mental health care, and possibly optometry care in our Alberta Health Care
  • Provide child care and day care assistance
  • Eliminate our deficit and systematically reduce our debt until it is also eliminated in only a few years time.
  • As an independent and sovereign Alberta, we can have ALL of the above benefits.